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Dr. Bose, PhD (Psychology) works with Dr. Prayaga, MD (Psychiatry) and offers clinical services.

About Dr. Bose

I was born in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India.  As a child I thought it was enough for me to become an office assistant when I grow up. But as time passed, things didn't turn out quite that way…instead, I became a professor!
I was a professor of psychology and director for the Center for Criminal Justice at Andhra University, India. I had a successful consulting practice for emotional and stress-related psychological disorders and was a consultant to many corporate hospitals.  I am known to many of my clients as “Bose uncle”.  
After a decade of experience in counseling, I realized that a large number of psychological issues could have been prevented and individuals could have been more productive - a) if they had been tackled early, b) if the stigma associated with consulting a mental health professional is eliminated, and c) if it was not so expensive. To address these issues, I developed an HR training program.
I also served as a mental health professional in the US both in public and private organizations for several years.  I have a thorough understanding of cultural aspects and the management of mental health issues both in India and in the US.
I was referred to as “Natural Counselor” by a professor of counseling from the University of Wisconsin, and “Stress Guru” by “The Hindu” - a leading Indian daily. 
I was the first psychologist to be elected as President of the Behavioral Medicine Society of India.  I am also the recipient of a gold medal from the Indian Medical Association in recognition of my services.  
I am actively involved with many professional associations. A few of them are listed below -

  • Human Resource Association - National Capital Area
  • Indian Society for Training & Development
  • National Institute of Personal Management
  • Indian Psychiatric Society & the Delhi Clinical Psychologists Association
3534 Carlin Springs Rd
Suite #5, Falls Church, VA. 22041

Phone: (540) 273-4066
"Dr. Bose is a very gifted speaker. His powerful techniques of problem solving and principles of living are essential to any one who wants to get more out of every aspect of his or her life - career, family, friendship and wealth."

Dr. Sudesh Kannan
Co-Author, "How to Beat the Heart Disease Epidemic among South Asians"
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