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We can help you deal with issues relating to:

  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Behavioral health
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For children, adolescents, adults, families & seniors

Individual and group therapy sessions available
Dr. Bose, PhD (Psychology) works with Dr. Prayaga, MD (Psychiatry) and offers clinical services.

Situations and Dr. Bose’s Approach

Clients with phobias can be desensitized within weeks so they can resume normal activities.

Anger & Aggressive Behavior:
Dr. Bose can help you control your temper and learn to manage moods.

Panic Attack:
Dr. Bose helps you practice “diaphragmatic” breathing to reduce your pulse rate and blood pressure.

Using game-like exercises and reinforcement for every successful attempt, the hyperactivity can be decreased and attention span increased. 

Personality Disorder:
Dr. Bose can help clients develop an insight into their own behavior and improve their condition.

Intense therapy sessions to deal with feelings of responsibility and the ensuing guilt will help develop better adjustment.

Clients get to realize that when one door shuts, another opens. This insight helps people to persevere despite several rejections.

Patients are encouraged to see that each failure is like a stepping-stone to another venture.

Substance Abuse Disorders:
Clients with addiction issues are given insight therapy to understand the dynamics of addiction and learn habit- breaking strategies.

Developmental Disabilities:
Clients with mental retardation, autism, Down’s syndrome etc., are helped to acquire adaptive living skills with the help of their care-givers who would be the agents for making a difference in the lives of disabled.

Divorce and Relationship Issues:
Clients are helped to understand the importance of communication skills, help gain insight into their relationship issues and achieve harmony.

Oppositional Behavior:
When clients give power to others to control their own emotions Dr. Bose can help them to develop insight and gain control over their emotions.

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"Dr. Bose is a very gifted speaker. His powerful techniques of problem solving and principles of living are essential to any one who wants to get more out of every aspect of his or her life - career, family, friendship and wealth."

Dr. Sudesh Kannan
Co-Author, "How to Beat the Heart Disease Epidemic among South Asians"
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