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Dr. Bose, PhD (Psychology) works with Dr. Prayaga, MD (Psychiatry) and offers clinical services.


"I attended Bose Veeramachaneni’s lecture at the University of Wisconsin.  Afterward, I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.  His way of looking at things is simple, yet revolutionary.  You will have more insight and more serenity in your life afterwards."
Dana Garrison, MD
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Medical School.

"Dr. Bose" is nothing less than a remarkable speaker, lecturer and teacher.  When he taught my group all about "Stress"  he was very clear and precise.  Beyond that, he was very good at presenting in a way that was easily understood and, I have to say, entertaining.  He kept every participant's interest the entire time and they were still wanting more.  His approach to this difficult subject was thoughtful and innovative.  I have presented these workshops for 10 years and have invited many workshop leaders.  I have taught yoga and subjects of this nature for 40 years.  My observation, and those of all the participants at his workshop, is that he was, by far, the best”.
Ren Fields
Director, Healing Arts Yoga Center.

“I have invited to make the presentation of his training program to a group of participants at the University of Wisconsin.  I rate this program as number one as a training program to motivate participants develop positive attitude and winning power in the face of adversities”.
Joseph W. Elder, Ph.D. 
Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Wisconsin.

“I have had the good fortune to attend Dr. Veeramachaneni’s program.  He offers a new and different approach when compared to others to handling stress and problems in every day life.  Dr. Veeramachaneni’s program will inspire individuals to take control and make positive changes in living.  This technique that he presents is essential for any one in the work place and has the potential to greatly impact how employees function both on the job and in all activities of living.  I am privileged to have attended his program”.
Linda Christensen, R.N., M.Ed.


“I have witnessed the presentation of Professor Bose’s training program.  Without hesitation I can say that Professor Bose developed this training module which is both preventive and remedial in value.  The program provides training in developing a winning/positive attitude and personal effectiveness.  Participants achieve a thorough understanding of scientific background on which our attitudes are based.  They are motivated to develop a positive out look towards their work and to help themselves and the organization for which they work.  He presents these programs to industrial organizations as well as to educational institutions.  The practical illustrations, case studies, and exercises he conducts during the training program are unique and rewarding.  Hence, his training programs are very well received, appreciated and well paid.  I certainly rate this training program as a very high quality and I had not seen in my experience such an effective training program.”
Charles W. Nuckolls, Ph.D. 
Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Alabama.      

“I have spent the last 30 years of my career studying and applying several ideas of stress reduction since they are a part of my own research.   I had the pleasure of attending and reviewing, in some detail, Professor Bose’s ideas presented in his training program and find them not only most intriguing, but also I am impressed by Bose’s skill and communication abilities to implement them professionally and excellently.   I consider his program is very rewarding to the participants to enhance their motivational levels to successfully cope with any situation”.
Edwin C May, Ph.D. 
Director, The Laboratories for Fundamental Research, CA.

“I attended a presentation given by Professor Bose at the University of Wisconsin in December 2007.  Since that time, I feel more confident and less stressed in both my work environment and social situations. Why? Because Professor Bose helped the attendees understand themselves better. Why do we react the way that we do? Why do certain situations lead to stress? How can we as individuals take control of our responses to these situations? Am I being too passive? Too aggressive? What about others? Why are they behaving as they do? Are they justified in their behavior? Are they being overly passive or aggressive? I now have better insight into my reactions in various contexts. This insight has lead to greater clarity, fewer misunderstandings, heightened self confidence, and less stress. Professor Bose's presentation style is very enjoyable. He mixes discussions of past clients, folk tales, and clinical data in a very entertaining and informative way. I will definitely attend more of his presentations if I have the opportunity”.
Ted Hill,
Lead Software Engineer, Tomo Therapy, Inc. WI.

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"Dr. Bose is a very gifted speaker. His powerful techniques of problem solving and principles of living are essential to any one who wants to get more out of every aspect of his or her life - career, family, friendship and wealth."

Dr. Sudesh Kannan
Co-Author, "How to Beat the Heart Disease Epidemic among South Asians"
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