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Individual and group therapy sessions available
Dr. Bose, PhD (Psychology) works with Dr. Prayaga, MD (Psychiatry) and offers clinical services.

Why Dr. Bose

Dr. Bose is not just another counselor/therapist/psychologist/trainer.  His unique strength is in his approach in helping people realize their own strengths and weaknesses.  His approach helps them to utilize their strengths to the maximum extent and transform their weakness into their strengths.

A few examples of his intuitive approach may give evidence of his expertise.

A speech therapist, who takes two sessions a month to help a developmentally disabled man move his tongue upwards, uses gloves for physical manipulation without the desired effect for a few months.  He only can stretch his tongue out but is unable to move it upwards. Dr. Bose advises the speech therapist to ask the man to touch his mustache with the tip of his tongue. When the speech therapist instructs the man to do so, he is able to do it immediately.

A young lady who is diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder, threatens her parents that she will kill herself by swallowing pills.  After a few sessions of therapy from Dr. Bose, she realizes that her disorder is strengthened by the attention given by her parents when she makes those threats. She tells her parents that she will not kill herself and that her threats are only a symptom of her disorder which she has decided to get rid off. With her determination and the cooperation of her parents she is relieved of her problem.

An embarrassing situation at high school makes a young girl stop going to school. She develops depression. With a few sessions of Dr. Bose’s therapy she turns the embarrassing situation as a challenge and resumes attending school and passed with honors.  

Failure in a relationship made a young man attempt suicide.  He survived.  When he attended Dr. Bose’s training program he realized that only if he enriched his inner potential there are chances of success in other areas of life.  He worked on self improvement and ultimately succeeded in his relationship issues.

A senior executive struggling to get the best out of his team to meet targets was able to change his mind set and succeed in motivating his team members to reach targets set up by his organization after attending Dr. Bose’s training program.

Interaction with Dr. Bose will help to understand more about his expertise.

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Suite #5, Falls Church, VA. 22041

Phone: (540) 273-4066
"Dr. Bose is a very gifted speaker. His powerful techniques of problem solving and principles of living are essential to any one who wants to get more out of every aspect of his or her life - career, family, friendship and wealth."

Dr. Sudesh Kannan
Co-Author, "How to Beat the Heart Disease Epidemic among South Asians"
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